The Working Actor

Hollywood's unsung heroes. Without them this town would stand still.

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Danielle Cloutier – The Dog House: Dog Handler

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Danielle Cloutier

Danielle Cloutier

Danielle talks about an awkward audition…and gets some love from her dogs….

Age: “Old enough to drink and young enough to still get carded.”

Danielle is originally from the suburbs of Chicago but has lived in LA for 7 years. She has worked at The Dog House for 4 years.

FAVORITE CELEBRITY SIGHTING AT WORK: “Oooh. The funniest one. It was Leif Garrett.  I didn’t recognize him because, umm…he does not look the same as he did when he was young. He came in and paid with his credit card and I was like ‘oh, wow.’ He ended up leaving his credit card which was kind of embarrassing because we didn’t have a number to call him. We do get celebrities in and they are usually all about their dogs. We also get a lot of assistants so you don’t necessarily know when it’s a celebrity dog or not.”

BEST MOMENT IN LA: “It was the day when my first national commercial aired. It was for Big Lots. I was at work and my mom called to tell me she saw the commercial and she was excited to see me on TV for the first time. That was the day I felt so happy, so vindicated.  I’m here, I’m doing things for the right reason. That was really fun.”

BEST AUDITION STORY: “The first thing I booked. It was an audition for a Cox Cable commercial. I went into the audition and thought I bombed it. I screwed up the lines they gave us. I walked out and did that thing where you are just like ‘oh my god I suck. I hate myself.’ But I ended up getting a call back. I couldn’t believe it , I walked in and the director shook my hand and said, ‘we loved you it’s just a matter of talking to your agent.’ I was so excited but played it cool. He had me stay and read with 4 guys, but I booked it.”

FAVORITE MOMENT WITH AN AGENT: “This was before I had a commercial agent. I was running at Runyon with a friend’s dog. This guy stops me and says ‘Hey. Your dog is really cute’ as he hands me his card he was a doggie agent.  It would figure the dog would get an agent before me. But that’s LA for you.”

Danielle Cloutier

Danielle Cloutier

YOU MAY HAVE SEEN HER IN: Big Lots commercial, Cox Cable Commercial, and a short called Here Comes the Bride.

THIS JOB HELPS ME AS AN ACTOR: “It’s a really great way to stay sane. If I’m having a crappy day and LA is really coming down on me I get to come to work and hang out with really cute dogs. It’s also made me more confident in difficult situations. You have to be in charge when you have 30 dogs that you are watching.”

DREAM ROLE: “Anything on ‘Mad Men,’ you could dress me up like a tree and put me on that show and I’d think it was awesome. Anything with Rodrigo Garcia, I really loved Robin Wright Penn’s role in Nine Lives. I would also give up my first born child, whenever I have it, to work with J.J. Abrams. I want to be in Star Trek, so J.J. call me.”

WHY LA OVER NYC: “I found NYC to be a place that made me anxious. I love that I can go hiking in Griffith Park or to the beach. I don’t, you can see I’m pale, but I just love the nature aspect of LA and it’s a little more relaxed.”

Danielle Cloutier

Danielle Cloutier


Written by Mark

June 23rd, 2010 at 10:15 am